The Right Hand Exerciser For You
Building Finger Strength
Building Extension Strength
Building Grip Strength
Building Wrist Strength
Building Hand Dexterity and Coordination
Building Finger Strength

If your aim is to build finger strength, then the hand exerciser you should be looking at is one like the Digi-Flex System.  This exerciser has spring resistance for each individual finger.  This allows you to build isolated finger strength and perform a variety of individual finger exercisers.  You can exercise your fingertips by pushing each spring individually, exercise your thumb, exercise the lower part of the finger by squeezing like a trigger, or squeezing all the buttons at once to exercise the fingers and forearm.

Another benefit of this kind of hand exerciser is that since each finger has its own button, the weaker fingers will not get help from the stronger fingers.  This allows you to build up strength evenly.  With the Digi-Flex system, each exerciser offers a higher resistance up to 9 lbs. per finger so you can graduate higher as you build up strength. 

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